Thursday, July 02, 2020

Film Discussion On Zoom Chat

My friend is a director out in Hollywood, does mostly television work but some good shows like "The Walking Dead. He invited me to sit in on a quarantine film discussion group, despite the fact that most everyone in the group is working in the film industry in some capacity. He has had these sessions weekly since this whole Covid thing started, but it's 10PM my time. My kids get my ass up at like 5:30 or 6:00AM every day. A few weeks ago they were doing a Mad Max movie, and while I had every intention of coming through, I just got tired as hell. But this week it was Lost Boys, so I willed myself
to man up and stay up for it.

He introduced me as his oldest friend, since we have been friends since we were 5-years-old, and he said that there is no one he has watched more movies with. I thought that was so nice of him. I tried not to talk a whole lot, just get my comment or joke in really quick and get out. One thing I had to make known is that there is a pretty boy vampire with the long dark hair in the movie, actor Billy Wirth, who I remember seeing on "American Gladiator" and he was one hell of an athlete, punking out the Gladiators and pissing them off. Here is a clip of him competing in the Powerball event, juking Nitro, escaping his tackle, and bouncing a ball off of his head before getting another. Don't do them like that, Billy!!! 

My friend said to everyone, "And this is why I invited Ken. He remembers stuff like this." It's true. Master of useless knowledge. Remembering where my car keys are at? Not so good. Fixing stuff around the house? Forget it. Why did I walk into the kitchen? Man, I couldn't tell you. But that long haired vampire really got into the Gladiators head that day, and I remember distinctly watching it in my bedroom with one of those old TV's where you turned the knob and if you didn't click it carefully, it woke your whole family up. 

I will tell you that it was really cool to get the perspective of so many film people about a movie like "Lost Boys," because you event if it's a goofy movie, it is fun to dissect it with their expert knowledge. Some points were why didn't they explore the female character more? What was her intentions all along? Why was Feldman so terrible in it while we all agree the other Cory was pretty great? It was said that he was almost fired from the film for doing too much coke, and another guy had a theory that he was trying to do a bad Rambo impression. Then guys noticed that they used a shot of them flying into their cave and then just used the same shot in reverse later. Which was a cheap move because if it's from their perspective, were they flying backwards? Cool stuff to delve deep into, actually. So I'll try to do the "homework" and watch all the films and show up for the talks. Not just when it's something in my wheelhouse. What else do I have to do?

Okay, guys. I have no idea what you may contribute in these comments because I have provided you extremely random and perhaps not even interesting information here. Do you have weekly Zoom chats that are interesting? Are you good with random knowledge too? Anyone a vampire? You can share any of that in the comments. 

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