Friday, December 25, 2009

Have Yourself a Gancey Little Christmas!

Here's what Dr. Ken was up to this holiday . . .

1. Played with the new self-inflating whoopie cushion. Whoever invented this thing is a genius and a terrific problem solver because the whole drag of the toy was that it was a pain to keep blowing up, and now it's farting fun for hours. Brilliant!

2. Participated in two-player Avatar with the four-year-old. While controlling our blue Avatars to sneak up on the soldiers in the forest, the four-year-old kept attacking me, his supposed ally. I warned him several times, tried hitting him back a few times, threatened to stop playing if he didn't stop, and eventually did have to storm off in a huff like an overgrown dumb kid.

3. Dr. Ken's family drank a crap-ton of wine, and now would be a good time for a bloody Mary with a pickle and no olives . . .

4. Did bench presses, pressing the four-year-old, and it's not as easy as it used to be.

5. Read a Christmas Mad Lib to the camera, with the 2nd-grader providing the mostly gross nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I'd attach it here, but as some of you know, I'm dumb. (see number two about the overgrown dumb kid thing).

6. Tried to text jokes to my buddy who's in the hospital over Christmas having surgery. He'll be fine, but I'm sure it feels like a drag for him. I'd share the jokes with you, but they're mostly disgusting (unwarranted prostate checks being theme).

7. Realized I suck at puzzles and give up easily when I've had too much Riesling.

8. Missed the Gancey Girlfriend who's in Iowa. : (

9. Read the first chapter of his idol, Chuck Klosterman's, new book.

10. Gancey Dad bought way too big of a turkey for just four people to eat, but he will turn it into turkey tetrazzini and turkey broccoli casserole for Dr. Ken to take back to the city. Word is bond.

Gancey Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


JerseySjov said...

it's just not a family holiday unless someone who has already graduated from college gets into a fight with someone under 10.

Miss Organizized said...

Awww sounds like a grand old holiday!! Fun!! PS I just had to comment that "Sweet Freedom" is such a freaking awesome tune.

Sista said...

The boys worship their Uncle, even if he stoms off when he doesn't get his way :)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: Yes. A Masters Degree too. What a big, dumb kid.

Miss: Oh yeah. I do a mean Michael McDonald impression.

Sista: Yeah. I'm fun. I must admit that much. Guys with Peter Pan complexes often are fun.

JerseySjov said...

at my family thanksgiving grampa got into a fight with my adopted 8 year old cousin. it went thusly:
"i hate you, old man, i hope you die!"
"watch your tongue, you little brat, or we'll send you back to china!"

welcome to my family

Jenni said...

My 9 year-old nephew and I always get in fights. A few years ago he got an astronaut jumpsuit for Christmas. I told him that I liked his "costume" and he gave me a look like he wanted to strangle me with barbed wire and said, "It's NOT a costume."

This year he asked for nothing but a tuxedo for Christmas. He got one and I said nothing.