Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Updates!

After taking a month off, it has dawned on me that I need to keep this blog going because it's what got me started writing, and writing every day is just good for me. So, for an entire year, starting now, I'm going to post daily. If Prince can write a song every day he is funky on this earth and Bob Pollard can write three songs on the crapper ("and three of them would be good"), the least I can do is find time in my day to whip up a quick blog entry.

Today's topic is the origin of the word schtupp. This wonderful word for the no-pants-bed-dance derives from a Yiddish word meaning to shove or push. Other spellings commonly seen are shtup and shtupp.

1974's Blazing Saddles gave us the sexy Western singing sensation with a German accent and a speech impediment: Lili Von Schtupp. Her name is far funnier now that I know it's a Yiddish word for coitus (I didn't know that the first 5 times I saw the film).

I urge you all to sneak this word into a conversation, even if it's in the original push or shove way:

"I can't seem to schtupp all these damn Chicago parking tickets into my glove box."

I've also heard it used to pay off someone:

"I schtupped the doorman a $50 to ignore other tennants' complaints about my Halloween party."

Come on back and let me know how you used this marvelous word . . .


Giant Butters said...

I thought Schtupp was to f*ck. As in, "I schtupped this girl over the weekend."

If this is true, than I totally did not get schtupped this weekend. Or any other weekend in the near past.

Mr. Shife said...

I schtupped in my pants. But that was not a good thing at all. And I really did not feel like sharing it with the people I was with. Good luck on posting for a year straight.

Jenni said...

Question. Can you be schtupped or can you be a schtupp? More importantly, if you were schtupped is it possible to schtupp back, or is schtupping the end all be all of being schtupped?

Jenni said...

BTW, I have to lurk around your blog for a few more minutes because "No One Is To Blame" is possibly one of the greatest songs of all time.


HeatherLynn said...

Wow, how exciting, a whole year full of "wonder what he writes about today! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Sista said...

Whoo hoo! Something to distract me from work every day!!! I love that you have a one-liner at the top that says, "now updated daily" like an advertisement reading, "now made with REAL cheese!"

Steph said...

Wow Mr Shife is still around...sorry distracted by commenters, lol. Ok, I don't normally go shoving people unless there's a shoe sale on but I'll endeavor to use the word next time i stomp some fucker out of my way.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Butter: Yes, that's the most common meaning. I guess that wasn't clear.

Shife: I would think that would mean that you had a spontaneous orgasm in your pants, yes? And thanks for the well-wishes!

Jeni: You bring up a point. I need Zen Wizard on complex issue like that. Zen? Where are you? As for the songs on the blog player, now that I'm posting more, I need to update it with new songs as many of them have crapped out. Glad you like them! I did a blog about that Howard Jones song making me want to eat raw jello.

Heather: Yeah, how the hell am I going to come up with stuff? Glad you'll be along for the ride!

Sista: Yeah, I'm all for encouraging distractions at work. F' work! Glad you noticed the new tagline! Hahahha.

Steph: As butters points out, the word means to shag, and I didn't even make that clear. I'm fixing that up now. Yeah, Shifey is still around, but many of the folks from our era are retired, as you can see in my blogroll graveyard. : (

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