Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holy Crap! He's Posting!

I don't think I've ever gone a month without a post, and I damn near did just now, with only a day to spare. Wait, September only has 30 days, so yeah, we'll just say that was a month. Damn it!

Here's what's keeping me busy:

Work: Duh. Who cares. Everyone works and nobody wants to read about it.

Open Mic: I've been doing these stand-up open mic sets every other week, and I really thought I'd be awesome right out of the gate. As it turns out, it's really hard, and I have more respect than ever for people who do it just like I wish I could, namely Dave Chappelle. Well, my next set is going to be full of disgusting jokes. I didn't plan it that way, but before I knew it I had a routine that starts with, "Have you ever spit on your own penis?"

Freelance: I did an article on the Top 5 Zombie Films of All Time that I kind of rushed, as you can tell by the fact that I didn't even go for the full ten.

The Next Play: To be honest, I've barely written a damn thing for my next play, and the trick is just booking the fucker for August to force me to get it done, which worked last time.

What I'm Listening To: New and newish albums by Muse, The Mars Volta, and Built To Spill, and MGMT.

Jogging: I frigging love running, and I think it's the only time I feel normal, where I can focus. I get some great thinking done while I'm out there, but then when I'm done I've forgotten everything. Perhaps I need a little tape recorder when I'm out there. I thought about doing a blog that was a running monologue of all the crap that runs through my head during a jog, one that goes in and out of what I'm observing live and the tangents the mind goes through and status updates of all my aches and pains such as chafing thighs. Great reading there, right?

How about you, seven readers? Where does blogging rank in all the things you have to do, and what works for you to get you to post regularly?


HeatherLynn said...

hmmm...lots to cover here with this one, first of all, being funny comes naturally to some people, however, comedians make it their job to perfect their delivery of said gift. My friend is a comedian and I've been to his shows, and he's a work in progress. He comes up with an idea, and as he goes from club to club, he experiments....and he only gets better....not that he's not absolutely a huge talent already, I mean, as far as comedians go, he's "made it"....comedy central tapings and tonight show visits....but he's a work in progress...all artists are I think...if you are talented ( as i suspect you are )'ll grow more and more and pretty soon, people will wonder what YOUR secret is.

as for spitting on my own penis, sadly, no, as I don't have one to spit on...but i know others who won't be alone in the crowd on that one! :)

As a runner, like you, i think of so many things...but for me running is to clear my i don't try to think too hard when i'm out there...I focus on NOT creative juices flow when i drive....i keep a pen and paper on my passenger seat at all times. you think driving and texting is bad...yeah, i know, i'm a hazard....but i'd be glad to take a peek at your chafing thighs dialog if you wish to jot it down.

I blog when i'm inspired. nothing worse than trying to FORCE yourself to write something you aren't in the mood to write...and then expect others to want to read it.

Ok, that's all i got. And yes, I'm a windbag. never end your blogs with a question! lol


BeckEye said...

You watch Sunny, right? I can just picture you at these open mic nights, dry heaving all over the place.

I have never been able to get into Built to Spill. I've tried. It just doesn't work.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Heather Lyn: I think I am naturally funnyish, but you're right that it takes more than that to be good at stand-up. I haven't quite found my voice.

As for blogging, I think that I just can't wait for the inspiration to come around, which is why I'm going to post EVERY DAY for a year starting NOW. You heard it first . . .

Beck: I'm sure you'll be just as horrified as I am that you can't get into Built To Spill when I tell you that I can't get into Always Sunny. FOr some reason, EVERYONE tells me I particularly would love that show.

Jenni said...

What about bleeding nipples? Or don't you run that far.

I'm working on becoming a serious writer. *snort* HAHAHAHAHAAA!! I know, it'll never happen, but there are a few projects I'm working on getting up and running, which is why Swank or Skank has been made "private."

I commented on your last post over at my other blog, go there and follow the directions.

This comment will spontaneously combust in 5 seconds....

JerseySjov said...

id blog constantly if i had access to a computer with reliable internet. theres a huge disconnected between the blogs i read and mine- i read mostly older men who write about music, general philosophies, etc and mine is a weirdo 21 year old chick trying to get laid and pass classes.

ive been told that i should be a comedienne, but id rather just be really funny in real life.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Swank: Awesome! I'd love to hear more about the new writing project.

Jersey: I like that getting laid came before passing classes. It's comments like that that will keep me coming back to your page.