Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't OVERDO the Dew

Caron Butler, an all-star NBA Basketball player for the Washington Wizards just gave up drinking Mountain Dew. He was up to six cans a day, and he lost eleven pounds after quitting. The man had to have one right before bed! When he finally quit, he was having withdrawal symptoms and said those first two weeks without the disgusting soda in his system were the roughest two weeks of his life. You don't believe me? Read this.

He was even knocking back two before games and some more at halftime. How could he shoot free throws like that? Wouldn't he be all jittery? And how did his teeth not rot out of his head with all that sugar?

Well, at least it's not real gangsta shit like coke and hookers. Nope. Just sodie-pop. : )

What's one of your stupid addictions, readers?


Casey said...

Our dumbest addictions besides coke and hookers?

That's a tough one.

Crappy blogs?

HeatherLynn said...

Well, it WAS smoking...but I'm 3 1/2 months clean now! when I was quitting though i developed a frezee pop addiction....since have kicked that one to the curb too! aside from blogging, I'm nearly addiction free.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Casey: Good to see you! I'll have to drop by your "crappy" blog and see how you've been.

Lyn: Freeze Pops? Year round?

Michael5000 said...

I can't seem to stop blogging about obscure shit that no one cares about, myself.

HeatherLynn said...

DKN ~ Wintertime (aka flu season) is a great time to have a freezee pop addiction. Sore throats....makes em feel better. When you can't eat anything or you'll barf...freezee pops are liquid and keep you hydrated and you are less likely to throw them up...ANDDDD...when you get that really crappy vomit taste in your mouth...they provide a fruity buffer so you can go lay down and pretend you didn't just blow chunks out your nose!


Jenni said...

I am addicted to love....O.K. maybe that's Robert Palmer.

I'm kind of addicted to Facebook via my Blackberry...and now "Twitterberry" since I have that. I'm a little too "connected" and it has to stop.

Casey said...

Trust me, the crappiness has only benefited from neglect.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

5000: Come on, man! I care about your quilting.

Lyn: I like blue, myself.

Jenni: I've never heard of Twitterberry. "When I get her alone, i like to twit her berry."

Casey: Don't neglect your crappy blogging! I'm writing a crappy blog almost every day now.