Sunday, November 08, 2009

Billy Blanks in a Questionable Move

I was watching a Billy Blanks kickboxing aerobics video, not participating, just watching, and I saw him put his hand on a female participant's hind quarters and say, "Look at that ass! That ass is rock hard!"

What do you think? Is that sexual harrassment? Can you think of a time where one can totally get away with perving/harrassing?


JerseySjov said...

hmm i think if you work in a billy blanks video comments about your tush are par for the course.

there are plenty of times when you can get away with being pervy. i think it has more to do with being aware of how pervy other guys in the vicinity are doing and being just a bit less pervy than them.

HeatherLynn said...

Have you seen the commercial for those new shoes that are supposed to give you a better butt? The camera just keeps drooping from the pretty girl's face to her bottom?

yeah, if this is what we are showing on prime time tv, billy blanks is probably pretty darn safe.

anything goes now a days.....


JerseySjov said...

or what about the enzyte commercial where an elderly man tells you about how to make your manhood larger in a gym set in front of a girl working on a stair machine?

HeatherLynn said...

JerseySjov ~ Haven't seen that one! I'll keep my eyes out for it though!


BeckEye said...

In context, it's not sexual harrassment. He GAVE her that ass.

Jenni said...

In the context given, it's appropriate. He's merely telling his viewers (in his own way) to look at the "definition" in her ass which presumably became that way because of his exercises.

However, it becomes sexual harassment when he places his hand on her hindquarters and in a very Barry White-esque manner says "Give ole Billy boy a piece of that ass."

It's a fine line, really.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: So, you're saying one just establishes the perv quotient baseline, and then pervs in accordance to that?

LN: I'm getting those booty shoes, and wearing them all day. I'll be able to bounce quarters off of it by the summer.

Jov: That's kind of wrong of the old guy to be doing that, and how can you work out when you're sporting wood?

Beck: So, by that rationale, a plastic surgeon who does breast implants could motorboat a former patient if he bumped into her years later?

Jeni: Ol' Billy Boy? Hahahaha.

JerseySjov said...

exactly. my brother had one roommate who is completely off the charts perverted [one time this guy pulled up a porn that was somewhat relevant to the conversation he was having with my dad], so his nice friends can get away with cussing and making fart jokes.

if he wasnt around, the other guys would be "soooo gross" for poot-humor, and the ones who refrained would be the nice ones.

word verification: tromatic. when my brauther's friend shauwed my dod that paurn, it was tromatic.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: That's beyond perv. That guy is just straight-up uncomfortable. I mean, my dad probably would have dug it, but I wouldn't want to have a porno on with my dad in the room.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more of sexual harrassment how he always raises the womens shirts to show the abs or some form. I've even noticed how the director will sometimes not put the camera on him when he's going to do that with one of the women.