Monday, July 12, 2010

Fogotten Song

Do you guys remember this song? I'm trying to figure out if it was only a hit in the Chicago area. I remember I was in Junior year Spanish class in high school, and a buddy and I used to memorize the Spanish word for scarf, bufanda. "Oh oh. Yeah yeah. Oooh wee, bufanda."

The song had no music video, which says to me that it wasn't a nation wide hit, but this homemade video is . . . interesting.

The thing is they are saying "oh oh yeah yeah ooh wee, Yolanda," and that's pretty stupid.  But if the Beatles wrote the same line it would be genius, right?  Or if a Spanish band wrote the same thing only with Bufanda . . . Now that would be something.


Radioactive Tori said...

I never heard that song. I am trying to figure out when you would hve been in high school. I think I'm a few years older than you and then you have to factor in my skipping a grade and graduating another year early (1991). I'm figuring maybe I would have been in college? That video was crazy. I love when people say ax instead of ask.

Heff said...

Glad I never heard it. HATE that drum beat. (if it IS even in fact a DRUM.)

JerseySjov said...

haven't heard of it... then again when you were in high school i was just entering grammar school.

Heff said...

Oh yes, and "Foggten" ?

Hey, FOGHAT about it, lol !

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: I was a Junior in HS in around 93 or 93 when this came out, and it still sounds awesome - but probably just to me.

Heff: Yeah, I'm not a drum machine guy or a songs like this kind of guy, but nostalgia is a muthafucka.

Jov: Yeah, if you knew this Chicago hit when you were living wherever as a kindergartner, I would have been impressed.

Heff: Was Foggten your word verification. "Would it kill you guys to play a little Foghat around here."