Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What the World Needs Now Is a Gay Jackie Robinson

I was watching "Real Sports" with Bryant Gumbel today, and they had a segment on Welsh Rugby player, Gareth Thomas, the only openly gay professional athlete on a sports team to come out during his career. Isn't that a sad fact that of all the professional sports teams all across the world, players are getting the same feeling, that the climate is such that coming out does not feel safe.

Jackie Robinson, the first Black Major League Baseball player, was hand chosen because they thought he had the right kind of character to respond to the bigotry and threats. This is what I think we need in all of our sports, a pioneer. After all, it isn't surprising that such a manly endeavor as sporting events has had a long history of intolerance of homosexuals, but I have found that even the least tolerant people can change their tune quickly when they are thrown into a situation where they have to become close to a homosexual - and find them to be just like anyone else.

On this same show, I was surprised to learn how widespread racism is in soccer, where Black players have bananas thrown at them at games, they are spit on, and people make monkey noises every time they get near the ball. They even showed entire sections of Nazi party people who hold up offensive signs.

Anyway, back to the homosexual thing, I think that guys really think that they can't have a gay man in the locker room because he won't be able to contain himself around all those naked men. Really? Get over yourself, guys. Your penis isn't all that great. Especially after all those steroids.


Heff said...

Hey ! Speak for yourself !

My penis is AWESOME !

JerseySjov said...

it is so funny to me that people defend homophobia by saying "ahh someone of the same gender will want to have sex with MEEEE"
do you also want people to not tell you when they're ugly or fat or have really really ridiculously bad morning breath? bc odds are, in your daily life, those types of people in your preferred sex are more likely to hit on you than a gay person.

Mr. Shife said...

Weird. I am watching Real Sports but it is their newest episode. I watched the one you spoke of last week and it was good. I think it would be awesome if they had a MLB team comprised of just gay dudes. I am sure there is enough gay players out there to fill out a squad. Just my two cents.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Heff: Okay, yes. Heff's awesome penis is a given.

Jov: I think you're picking up what I'm laying down. : )

Shife: I love the idea of an all gay team. I just thought of like nine jokes, but in the spirit of the nature of this post, I'm going to refrain from saying them. Go equal rights!