Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drunk Quiz Thursday

I'm trying to post every day, and today I'm topically bankrupt, so I found a site called, and look at all these great drinking topics:

What Mixed Drink Are You?
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
What Flavor Martini Are You?
What Flavor Margarita Are You?
What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
What's Your Beer Personality?
What Should You Be Drinking?
What Kind of Wine Are You?
Are You a Party Girl?
Are You a Drunk Diva or a Crunk Chick?
What Cuban Cocktail Are You Quiz?
What Hangover Cure Are You?
Are You Beer or Wine?
What Type of Beer Are You?
The Cocktail Test
The Martini Test
What Color Martini Are You?
What's Your Celebration Drink?
The Fancy Cocktail Test

I think we'll go with "What Kind of Drunk Are You," even if the one about "Drunk Diva or a Crunk Chick" is intriguing.

Who are you most likely to drunk dial?

Everyone you can think of
Your best friend
No one - you'll be too drunk to dial
Your ex
Random people, probably strangers
Your sponsor

How come your current girl isn't a choice? I guess I'll go with the best friend.

If you were going to get arrested while drinking, it would be for:

Attempting suicide
Talking back to a cop
Indecent exposure
Drunk in public

I will say "drunk in public." I just don't get people who talk back to cops. I see it all the time, but when the cops come it's time to, as Gancey's Sister says, go to shut-up school.

Where do you do most of your drinking?

In public, with a brown paper bag
During pub crawls
At home
Dive bars
At parties
In your car

I gotta say "at bars" for this one. I hate staying in on weekends, but I also hate spending hundreds of dollars at stupid bars. I actually have to find projects to do to keep me out of bars. Saturday I know I'll take it easy because I have a 20 mile run, volleyball tournament, and Gung Ho's mom's wake the next day, but Friday I need a really good reason not to spend pointless money at bars. Help me out guys . . .

When you drink, you also like to:

Drink more

I'm going to say perform because of all the damn karaoke I've been doing, but "drink more" is also a good choice. "Cry" is a funny option . . .

Finally, what's your poison?

Something warm
Nail polish remover

For sure beer on this one. Sometimes I do wine during the week but just a glass or too. Hard liquor gets away from me in a hurry, and I'm way too old for more than one shot in a night.

Anyone else want to answer a question or two in the comments?


sybil law said...

We have the same answers! So what kind of drunk are we?!

CurlyKateMcGee said...

Who are you most likely to drunk dial?

my ex's that are still in my phone (I try to delete them but still find them somehow).

Mr. Shife said...

Now that I have been happily married and with Mrs. Shife more than 14 years, I drunk dial my old buddies from college who I have not talked to in a long time. I actually have been guilty of drunk chatting on Facebook with friends more lately than drunk dialing. And I am a happy drunk. Hope you have a good weekend, buddy.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: I didn't actually took the quiz, just cut and pasted the questions onto my blog, but I think my next post will tell you the type of drunk I am and the type I associate with.

Curly: Yeah, gotta delete those, but if you're still finding a way to get a hold of them, I don't know what to tell you. That's persistence.

Shife: Hmmm. We should have a drunken FB chat some day, you and I. : )

CurlyKateMcGee said...

I am normally quite detached from ex-boyfriends, but if you get a little booze in me I turn into the crazy ex-gf that I hate in real 'sober' life. I don't really know her (I have never spoken with this crazy side of myself, I don't know where she comes from and I think she is friends with the drunk slutty persona) I think I will need to name her though so that I can tell her she is nuts...