Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I saw this article on Yahoo News entitled "10 Compliments Men Hate Getting" and thought I would see how I feel about each one.

1"It's so sweet you want to help me clean up, but I can do it faster myself."

This all depends how lazy I'm feeling that day.  If I would rather watch a ball game or something, I might be okay with her doing it all, but most of the time I don't feel good about letter her clean while I'm chilling.  Am I offended by it?  Not at all.  I'm not that great of a cleaner.

2"I'm amazed you were able to fix the leaky faucet." 

This wouldn't bother me at all because I would have amazed even myself.

3. "I fold the laundry this way, but thanks for trying without me asking." 

Now this one wouldn't offend me, but it sounds like something a crazy control freak might say, so watch out for this one.  

4. " You're the only person I can talk to." 

These are starting to get into crazy town territory.  If she can't talk to anyone else, it might be because she's an insufferable pain in the ass and you have to put up with her, so don't take that one as a compliment.  

5. "You're so cute!"

This one depends on the context.  Cute can be demeaning if it kind of implies stupid, but usually I'm okay with cute.  

6. "This gift isn't quite my taste, but it's the thought that counts." 

Don't be offended by that.  What do you want her to do?  Pretend she likes it?  You have to be honest with each other - in a nice way.  

7. "It's like you're my third child but I love you anyway." 

This one is hilarious.  Who wouldn't be offended by that?  Yeah, and it's like you're my mommy, so fuck off, mom.  

8. "My husband did the most romantic thing ever." 

I had to read the explanation for this one, and it said that some men will feel "whipped" if their friends hear about stuff like this or they will get mad because now they will feel they have to step up their romantic gestures with their own significant others, neither of which makes sense to me.  Got ahead and tell people nice stuff I did for you - doesn't bother me at all.

9. "I love your tummy flab!" 

Now this one might not offend me, but I would know she was lying.  

10. "You're the best I've ever had." 

The writers said that this just makes a guy think about all the others guys, and yeah, maybe so, but it makes you think about all the other guys being crappier at sex than you, so that's okay, right?  


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm usually called cute but would prefer "hot."

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Zibber: True. Hot is better, but I'll settle for cute in most cases.

Urbanist Chic said...

In response to #1: What weirdo woman WOULDN'T want help cleaning?

#3: If you're folding laundry, it probably means that you did laundry. If that's the case, fold it any damn way you want. Except for the clothes that need hanging. GOD HELP YOU IF YOU WRINKLE MY BLOUSE!

#5: You're so cute is totally a complement. Ladies want to cuddle with cute. Preferably naked.

#6: I think that happened over Christmas....

Kenneth Noisewater said...

1. Yup. That woman would have to be a weirdo for sure.

3. YES!

5. Yes! And naked cuddling kicks ass! Thank you!

6. Yes, and . . . oh yeah.

Mr. Shife said...

I saw this on Yahoo but did not take the time to read it. I know your version is way better anyway. I especially like your answers to #2 and #7. I think I would only be offended if my prison roommate said these things to me. Hope your St. Patrick's Day celebrating is going well.