Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I seriously have zero to write about, but I'm determined to write a ton lately, so I'm just going to see if anything comes to me . . .

My trainer at the gym is a big buff man that trains 5 to 10 of us at a time, and when we do dips, he likes to lean on your shoulder and talk to you about things like the Rain Forrest, just to put added weight on you. He's a lot of fun, and sometimes he turns the volume down to sing your name, "Dr. Ken! All the way down on those push ups" in time with the music. He still uses CD's which I respect, but today it started skipping right in the middle of "Just Got Paid." I fricking love that jam! Actually, no, that one played through, but it was a weird mix that I didn't like as much. It skipped right in the middle of that "Do You Think I'm a Nasty Girl" song that's playing at the titty bar in Beverly Hills Cop. You never hear that one anymore. Damn.*

This weekend I'm going to ride the rickshaw to take people around to and from the Dave Mathews Band concert at Wrigley Field for some extra cash, and then I'm going to try to put in work from home on Saturday for more extra cash, work on the play I'm writing for a bit, and then reward myself with many Leinenkugels at Chicago's Muskie Fest, one of the best street festivals in Chicago.

Aren't you glad you know what I'm doing this weekend and what my trainer at the gym is like? Are you writing this all down because this crap is important, somehow?

I'll leave you with this question so that you have something to comment about besides how lame I am: Speaking of the skipping CD's, do you have any tapes, records, or CD's that you still play, in the car perhaps, that still plays like a champ? I have had Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss" in my car since high school, and it plays perfectly. I used to jam it on the way to college classes after all nighters, hitting those drum fills hard to stay awake. It only gets inserted** around seven or eight times a year, but it always comes through. You have anything like that?


*As always, if you want to bump the Youtubes, and you do if you wanna dance and get funky, be sure to hit pause on the music player to the right.
**That sounds dirty.


Andrew said...

I took notes, & also recorded myself reading this post out loud, just in case it becomes important later on.

I can't really say that I have those CD's because when I started getting CD's, I was so young & my tastes have changed so much since then. I still have most of those CD's, but they aren't even in my car. However, I might give a song the occasional listen on my computer.

radioactive girl said...

Since college I have woken up to the song Fool For Your Love by Triumph every morning. The CD still works great and I think I still have the same alarm clock and haven't ever taken it out. I graduated from college in 1995 so maybe I need to find a new routine.

I'll note all your info here in your permanent file just in case I need it one day. (That was meant to be funny but when I read it back it sorta sounds creepy...sorry!)

Miss Organizized said...

All I need is a lock of your hair and I can have my own Gancer Clone. It's allll coming together.

I don't have a tape deck (tape DECK? weird) in my car which blows because I have tons of tapes I love but are too stupid to replace on cd. Namely Sports by Huey Lewis and the News as well as the Cocktail soundtrack.

Heff said...

ALL my cd's screw me over eventually, but SLAYER just can't be stopped !

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

'Drew: Good idea. How'd it sound out loud? Boringer?

Radio: Fool for Your Love? I need to look that one up cause all I remember is Magic Power and Lay It on the Line. That guy had a high-ass voice.

Org: Please don't clone me. I'm to ridden with awful faults. If I met my clone, I'd throw eggs at him and make fun of him.

Heff: Yeah, that song Seasons will always be the most evil song ever made. It's perfect.

Andrew said...

With the right inflection & dramatic pauses, it could win a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.


Siter said...

Last time we got paid at work I was singing that Friday Night song. A coworker (6 years younder) had no idea what I was talking about. I, although three years older than you, have no recollection of ever hearing that "Nasty Girl" song.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Andrew: I think you're onto something. We should enter some of my queef posts into the Grammies.

Sister: Yeah, but you gotta admit "Nasty Girl" kicks some major ass. Don Conrnelius was getting a little randy in that clip! Don, you sly dog!!