Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sorry for the absence, but I was in New York for a weekend.  On the way there, LSD and I were taking the shuttle to the other wing of the airport, and with us was a mother and her two children.  The younger one was being held by mom, while the older of the two, Ahmet, who looked to be around 4-years-old, was standing.  He seemed quite proud of his little kid luggage with the extendable handle.  Twice he fell down from the train motion, but what I dug about mom is that she didn't panic and micro manage the little guy.  Hence, Ahmet didn't panic.  Mom just said calmly, "Ahmet, just let go of the luggage and grab onto a pole," which he did.  

Then he looked up at me and said, "You think we'll get there soon?"  I said, "Won't be long, Ahmet" and LSD commented on how much she liked his luggage.  Then he matter-of-factly pointed out to us that there was a fire outside.  I figured he was confusing factory smoke for a fire, but sure enough, there was a blazing inferno off in the distance.  

Kind of strange that I don't tell you all about New York and how Will Ferrel was in the same trendy little Brooklyn bar as me.  Nope, you get to hear about Ahmet, my new little homie.  

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