Friday, July 13, 2012

Tonight Crom and I got together to go over future creative projects, but mostly we just drank beers and caught up.  We decided to cut a podcast while we were at it with the topic being the top 3 Jason kills from "Friday the 13th" movies, since it is Friday the 13th today.  Turns out Jason killed people in lots of fun and creative ways.

Then we went across the street for dollar bottles and live band karaoke.  Let me tell you right now, you cannot find anything near that good of a deal in Lincoln Park in Chicago.  He and I threw down the first two songs of the nght.  He did "Crazy Train" and I did "White Wedding."  Suffice it to say, if you have ever done live band karaoke with a kick ass band behind you, making you fee like a rock god, you will never go back to the little monitor with the bouncy ball, making you feel like a drunk Korean business man.

We then went to visit my girlfriend, L.S.D., at the bar she works at, where Crom told me that he has purchased a wedding ring.  I'm really happy for him.  He's a really good dude and will be a terrific family man.

So then I had to get a late night bite to eat back in Lincoln Park, so I got a chorizo burrito at a local burrito joint.  Why do people order anything but chorizo?  Maybe it's the funny colored grease turning them off because it is without a doubt the most bomb-ass option.  In the booth next to me sat a coked out Asian Indian man with long hair, a beer belly, and a shark tooth necklace, and he was ordering up a coke deal.  I've never been into that scene, but I guess I always assumed there was code for things like that.  Nope.  This guy was just loudly bellowing into his phone while housing a pair of tacos: "I need money tonight.  I went in on this 8 ball and then everyone flaked.  These girls are expecting to have it.  What phone is this?  Call me in 5 minutes.  Meet me on the corner of (Dr. Ken's Street0 and (Dr. Ken's Cross Street)."

Unfortunately when I got to the coordinates of my home, there was no awesome drug deal going on, so I just came inside and wrote this shitty blog.


sybil law said...

I wonder if that guy ever got any coke?
Also, did you ever buy a couple of loosies?
All these unanswered questions!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

sybil: i think he got his blow. he was very determined and filled up his belly with tacos for the mission. i still haven't tried to buy loosies, but did you know it's illegal in chicago to sell them?

The Grand Wave said...

I think the best Jason kill was in Jason X (the crappy one in space)where he freezes the chick's head in liquid nitrogen and then smashes it on the counter. Too bad you didn't get to see some sweet drug deal. That would be an interesting way to end the night.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Grand: That one was in my top 3, but then it got edged out by the one where he stabs the kid in the wheelchair in the head and he rolls down the stairs. Thanks for coming by, dude. Always a treat. : )