Monday, January 21, 2013

Show Yourself, Russian Readers!

Do you ever look at your blogs statistics?  It shows you what country checks out your blog the most, and not surprisingly, the U.S is way out in front.  What is surprising is that no other country has even 100 readers except Russia.  How are all these Russians finding this page?  I want to hear from you, Russia!  

I also like to check what Google searches lead to page hits, and the biggest ones are "Is Mark Wahlberg an asshole," "jackie onasis hairy pussy," and "saggy testical surgery."

Let me know what you find on your stats page, Seven Readers, and I'll respond with smart-assed remarks, as always.  


Gorilla Bananas said...

I got someone from Venezuela who googled "Crocodile ape" and spent a whole 10 minutes browsing my blog. That's a heck of the long time for a google visitor. Usually they spend one minute looking for dirty pictures and leave. I'm pretty jealous of your Russian readers - I actually write posts about Russia and don't get any.
If a google visitor comments on your blog, I'll buy you a house in Florida.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: This is beyond me, buddy. It has to be porno related, right? Like you say, they're coming by for something like Dachshund fisting and leaving right away when they don't see any. I think Russians are into that, no?

Cocaine Princess said...

An awesome lawyer stumbled across my blog a few years ago, liked what he saw/read and linked me to his blog which is why a large majority of my readers are in Miami and are all in the legal profession. I guess they too are interested in my entries.

And then there are a few readers who find my blog when they google: "cocaine and nyquil"