Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Operation Stay Insanely Busy

That is the plan right now. I can have no idle time at all right now because that is no good for me. Not only that, I need plans at all times or figuring out what to do will turn into turmoil, somehow.

So, I'm kicking ass the rest of this week and beyond.

Tue: Cleaned the bathroom, worked out with weights and then yoga with the television, helped rescue a very elusive stray dog, and rode the rickshaw bike by Wrigley until 11pm, watching a drunk get pummeled by bouncers. Who gets that lit on a Tuesday?

Wed: First day of work back at the old schoolhouse, first day at my new gym with a lifting group (which is cool cause you don't have to pay a personal trainer when you do it like a class), and then trivia at the bar with friends. I just want to add that I hate when there is a sports category, I suck it up, and all the girls expect me to know the stuff. Now, I'm good with sports stuff before 2000, but current stuff I'm clueless. So, when that happens, I say, "Yeah, would you beat up a sewing category because if we're going to assign gender roles here . . ."

Thur: 2nd day of work, volleyball at 5:30 and then again at 6:30 if we win (playoffs), and then watch the Bears and Northern Illinois either at a friends or at a bar (I know, two bar nights on a school night, but I'll behave. Just being social, not schnockered).

Fri: 3rd day of work, yoga class at 5:30, and then for the rest of the weekend, ride the rickshaw to make extra cash and then at night, as they said in the film "Old School," reintroduce myself into the wild.

Operation Stay Busy will be good for me. You won't see me sitting still much, and if I am, I'll be writing. Keep it Gancey, y'all.


Radioactive Tori said...

Busy is good. I'm glad you are doing better and figuring things out. If only the brain had an off switch for the "thinking about horrible things that make you hurt" part this would be easy, right?

HeatherLynn said...

sounds like a good plan honey! and from the sound of things, you've got plenty TO DO to KEEP as busy as you'd like....

Want me to get you a job at the place i work at in Chicago! You'll be worked til you're too tired to even think.....it's like an emotional lobotomy....

speaking of which, you should come out and visit when i'm out there...I'll bring you one of those infamous Ohio hugs with me! JUST FOR YOU!

and when you're watching the bears on Thursday....pray it doesn't rain! MG & I will be there....getting soaked if so!

SO PRAY FOR NO RAIN! that will give you something else to do to keep busy...praying for my weather needs! nothing selfish about that! lol


Andrew said...

Good job staying busy!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: One of my roommates and I had the brownies tonight. Holy hell!! So damn good. That was so darned nice of you to send that. You're a good gal, and good things will come your way. Thanks so much!

Lyn: Yeah, send me an email when you're going to be in town. I'm praying for the Bears to not look sucky, rain or not.

Andrew: Yeah, getting stuff done.